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Intro & Advanced Digital Painting - Video Only

Intro & Advanced Digital Painting - Video Only

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Please note - This is the "Video Only" tier, which means you only get the videos. You will also receive access to the forum and online resources, but you will not receive the PSD files from the videos.

After you purchase the "video only" tier, you need to create a free Vimeo account in order to gain access to the videos. Once you create your free Vimeo account, message me through Vimeo. My user is Daarken.

There is also a public Facebook group that anyone can join. I show sneak previews and keep everyone updated on the progress of both classes. This is separate from the private forum.

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Week 1 – Composition & Thumbnails
Before learning how to paint, you need to learn how to compose your image. If your composition fails, a well rendered painting will fail as well.

Week 2 – Value Studies
Artists will always tell you that values are more important than color. Without a solid foundation in values, a colored painting won’t be able to stand on its own. Focusing on values first will also help you learn how to render objects without having to worry about color. Once you learn to render objects, then you can begin thinking about color.

Week 3 – Materials & Textures
In this session you will learn how to paint different types of materials and textures based on how you render an object through the use of edges and brushstrokes.

Week 4 – Still Life Painting
Foundations are an important part of learning. Still Lifes are important because they teach you how to render objects, compose images, and understand light and color.

Week 5 – Light & Color
Color is another problem many beginning artists have. In this session we will talk about using light and color to convey emotion, as well as talk about how to add color to a black and white painting.

Week 6 – Master Studies
In this session you will create master studies from different artists. This will help you learn and understand how an artist solved a particular problem and help you to see and recognize color, value, and composition.

Week 7 – Movie Stills
Movies are a great source for learning. Doing a study from a movie still will help you learn how to tell a story through the use of color, lighting, and composition.

Week 8 – Landscape Painting
This session will cover painting landscapes and will include discussions on how to paint various environmental elements. Other topics like atmospheric perspective and creating depth will also be covered.

Week 9 – Figure Painting
Drawing figures can be challenging, especially since we are so critical when it comes to critiquing figures. This session will focus on the human form and will cover exercises and techniques on how to paint a successful figure.

Week 10 – Heads & Hands
Heads and hands tend to be the hardest things for people to paint. Whenever there is a figure, people almost always look at the face first. Many times you will see a beautiful painting, but the hands are extremely crud. This session will help teach you how to paint heads and hands using reference, which can then be applied to imaginative work. 



Week 1 – Clothed Figure
Most figures need some type of clothing. This session will cover how to clothe your figures and topics like action folds and materials will be discussed. Paintings will be done from photo ref.

Week 2 – Clothed Figure II
Unlike week 1, this session will cover painting clothed figures from your imagination with an emphasis on depicting different clothing materials.

Week 3 – Character Design
This session will cover how to design a character from a silhouette and how to take it to finish. You will also learn what makes a good character design and what you should think about when you are designing your own characters.

Week 4 – Turnarounds
Learn how to do turnarounds of your character design from week 3. These are important if you want to go into the film or video game industry.

Week 5 – Character Portraits
Give your character designs some interesting faces. Different ethnic groups will also be covered during this portrait painting session.

Week 6 – How to use Photo Ref in Illustrations
Many people shy away from using photo ref because it is considered “cheating.” This session will show you how to use your own reference in your illustrations and how it will benefit your career.

Week 7 – Illustration From a Client Brief
Create an illustration from an actual professional client brief. Style guides will also be provided so that the students can create an accurate illustration based on the assigned IP.

Week 8 – Battle Scenes
Battle scenes are commonplace in the gaming industry. This session will go over composing large battle scenes and how to portray depth, scale, and imply a larger force without having to completely paint every detail.

Week 9 – Sci-Fi Illustration
Instead of focusing on the fantasy genre, this session will cover the sci-fi end of the spectrum. Gas masks, robots, and space ships, oh my!

Week 10 – The Business Side of Illustration and Concept Art
Students usually know how to create a good portfolio, but they rarely know how to actually submit one or who to contact at perspective companies. This session will cover the business side of the industry and will cover topics like contracts, invoicing, taxes, and self-promotion.


Is there a seating limit for the “video only” tier?
No. Since the video only tier does not require paintovers, there is no limit to the number of people wanting to purchase the tier. This tier can be purchased at any time.

For the “Video Only” tier, why can’t I get all 12 videos? Why only 10?
The reason I can’t offer all 12 is because then people could purchase the video only + economy tier for the same price as the standard tier, yet receive just as many videos as the premium tier. The final two classes are only for the premium tier students.

I noticed the “Video Only” tier still has standard assignments, does that mean you are still going to critic them?
I personally will not be doing any paintovers or critiques of the assignments. You are welcome to do the assignments and post them on the forum for others to critique.

If I buy the “Video Only” tier and then decide to take the full class later on, can I get a discount?
If the videos don’t change from when you bought them, I can offer you a discount. For example, if you bought the “video only” tier and then decided to take the “standard” tier, I would subtract $250 from the standard tier rate, meaning you would owe $350. If only some of the videos don’t change, I can offer a partial discount for the videos that are the same.

I bought the “Video Only” tier but I didn’t receive any of the files or images mentioned in the videos, where are they?
The “Video Only” tier is just that, videos only. You will not receive any of the extra material mentioned in the videos.

How do I access the mentorship forum?
There is a login form located on the right sidebar of this page located underneath the RSS feed icon. This forum is private and for members only. Permission must be set for each user before you can login. After you create an account, you need to send me an e-mail ( letting me know what your user and e-mail address is. After you have been granted permission, you can click the mentorship forum link located below the login form or hover over the “mentorship” menu at the top of the site and click on “forum.”

Additional information can be found by visiting the mentorship section of my Enliighten site.

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